Entertainment Centers

Written by Norene Anderson
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Entertainment centers are some of the hottest pieces of furniture on the market today. The reason is quite simple. People are buying the very latest in television technology and that is requiring replacement of the furniture that only held the twenty-something inch TV. The televisions are so much bigger now and along with the TV, many are incorporating a surround sound system to get the ultimate out of viewing.

The entertainment center has become a piece of furniture that is just as important as the sofa, coffee table, and dining pieces. It is no longer just a shelf to put a TV on and push it in the corner. It is a beautiful contribution to the room. There are many designs to satisfy the demands of various lifestyles. Some have a place for all the components behind closed doors. Others have glass doors. Still others are a combination of wood and glass doors.

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It is fairly common for entertainment centers to have at least two shelves and up to five shelves. The overall size and shelf distribution can vary greatly depending on the amount of space needed. If you have a DVD player, VCR, surround sound, cable or satellite receiver, or any other electronics, it is easy to need a minimum of three and up to five shelves. You certainly do not want to buy too small. It is better to have too much room than not enough.

Of course, you must measure the TV opening and make sure it is right for your television placement. There should be plenty of room for ventilation per the manufacturer's guidelines. After you determine the size, then you have many options for design. Let your experience of looking at entertainment centers lead you to a purchase that will make your life enjoyable for many years to come.

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