Faux Wall Finishes

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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The look you want for your home is easy to achieve with any combination of paint, plaster, and wallpaper. Many wall finishes designed to emulate terra cotta, marble, stone, and various wood shades are rather realistically depicted on wallpaper, especially if just used for accent areas. If you are painting, almost any type of effect can be created, if one knows how to go about it.

Simulated Wall Designs

The vast majority of faux wall finishes lately are being done with painting effects. With just a little bit of know how and trial and error, it is easy for even the non-artistically gifted to create the illusion of plaid, fake clouds, or staining on any walls, in almost any shade. Even effects such as blue jeans can be achieved by those tenacious enough to try.

Regardless of what the actual effect you are looking to achieve is, there are several tools that you will need to create a faux wall. Painters' masking tape, several natural and artificial sponges, as well as a mixing tool and some cloth towels for cleanup should all be on hand. In addition, you should have the colors picked out in advance, and any special needs such as plaster, stippling, or varnish already done via the instructions.

Generally, you should paint the base coat on and allow it to dry, then paint whatever effects you want on top of it. For a color washed effect that is easy to achieve, just use sponges as well as the rollers to soften the edges on walls. For faux natural designs, usually sponges create a more sophisticated effect on corners than paintbrushes.

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