Floor Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Floor mirrors are generally full length, and full length mirrors are a must for anyone who takes his or her appearance seriously. If you're still trying to gauge your appearance by looking in a small mirror, or if your "full size" mirror is still one of those awful, flimsy mirrors you hang on the back of a closet door, it's high time you invest in a floor mirror. Fortunately, floor mirrors come in a range of great styles and sizes.

Floor Mirrors for Your Children

Floor mirrors also make terrific gifts for children who have just moved away from home. Once your son is living in his dorm room and your daughter has moved into her apartment, they won't have your full length mirror to use anymore. Until you buy your child a good floor mirror, he'll most likely "make do" by using the small mirror on his bathroom medicine cabinet. If you want him to take his appearance seriously, make sure he has a full length floor mirror of his own.

Floor mirrors come in a range of styles. Some are panel mirrors. Panel mirrors usually consist of three panels that can be angled on their hinges. You're probably familiar with panel mirrors from department store dressing rooms. These mirrors are wonderful if you have a dressing room or a large bedroom. They're also a must for people who are serious about clothing and fashion.

Other floor mirrors are designed to be used as dressers. These full length mirrors will generally include a drawer or piece of wood near the base, where the user can rest clothing items or shoes. Other floor mirrors have a more elegant, formal look that makes them better suited for use in living and dining areas.

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