Frameless Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Frameless mirrors are very sleek. They have a streamlined sophistication that fits well in contemporary homes. You can hang frameless mirrors in your bathroom, where they tend to blend in very well. Many bathrooms are clean, modern and minimalist. A frameless mirror harmonizes nicely with the small, white tiles, shiny chrome fixtures and understated decor typical of many bathrooms.

Frameless Mirrors for Children's Rooms

Frameless mirrors are fun and unpretentious, making them ideal for children's rooms. Frameless mirrors are perfect for when your children have grown out of their baby furniture but are still too young for formal, fussy amenities. A framed mirror in bronze or gold finish would look silly in a 10-year-old child's room, but a frameless mirror looks spot on.

Elegant, frameless mirrors are usually beveled. The beveled edges give the mirror a polished look; they "finish" the piece. Beveling is also often a safety issue. An unfinished mirror edge can be somewhat sharp, while a beveled edge is safe and smooth.

If you have traditionally disliked framed mirrors, you may have been looking at the wrong types of frames. Remember, not all mirrors are framed in heavy, ornate gold leaf. Today's mirrors are framed in everything from leather to bark to hand-painted wood. Framed mirrors tend to stand out more than frameless ones, so consider shopping for framed pieces if you want to make a strong statement in a room.

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