Gingham Treatments

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As a popular material for children's clothing for many years, this 1950s era textile is becoming common as a household decoration. Gingham cloth was originally a cotton fabric that was commonly yarn dyed in a checkered pattern. It can be made of many different materials now but almost always has a very light and summery look to it. With a variety of colors and patterns, it is becoming popular again, especially for home effects.

Gingham Cloth Decorations

Originally used as a cloth for handkerchiefs, napkins, girls' summer dresses, aprons, or beach wear, gingham cloth is finding a new life as window treatments. The light crisp material works very well for curtains and valances, as well as some styles of furniture decorations, or pillowcases. In addition, there are many different colors that can match many tastes.

If you are looking to add a colonial flair to your home, or simply think that this type of cloth makes a perfect match, gingham treatments are available in most fabric stores. It is an easy material to sew, glue, or otherwise alter for different pieces or decorative designs. Traditionally coming in checkered red, blue, green, and navy, it can be made to match many styles.

For a creative mind, gingham may be a great choice to add decorative flair to your home. Perhaps you even want to use it as an apparel item as it once was! Regardless of the purpose, the material is lightweight, resilent, and seems to lend itself to crisp summer days.

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