Gold Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Gold mirrors add an element of classic elegance to any room. Whether you prefer heavy, ornate frames or sleek, contemporary ones, gold is a wonderful choice. Most gold mirrors use gold leaf, gold crackle, or gold finish to create the rich, warm look of pure gold.

Gold has the added advantage of working quite well with a variety of colors and patterns. You can hang a gorgeous gold mirror against any type of wallpaper, and it will work beautifully. If your walls are painted, you'll be happy to know that gold looks beautiful against just about every color. Gold framed mirrors look magnificent against everything from royal blue to pale rose to sunny yellow. You just can't find a more versatile item than a gold mirror.

Dramatic Gold Mirrors

Versatile gold mirrors can create a range of impressions, from sunny and simple to dramatic and glamorous. One of the most dramatic looks available is the wonderful combination of black and gold. Black and gold mirrors create a wonderful impression in the most important rooms of your house. They add glamour to the dining room and style to the foyer.

If you prefer a lighter, brighter look, you should avoid the combination of black and gold. Rather, stick with a mirror that has been framed in a delicate, thin edge of gold, or hang a mirror which has been framed in distressed golf leaf. A thin edge of bright gold or a thick edge of distressed, burnished or mottled gold creates a look that is a little more approachable and a whole lot lighter than heavy, dramatic black and gold.

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