Hall Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Hall mirrors are an excellent tool for breathing life and light into cramped, narrow hallways. Mirrors do so much more than just reflect. Although mirrors are useful, their primary value is often more decorative than functional. Seasoned decorators and feng shui experts agree that mirrors are perfect for bringing energy into a place that feels "dead." Feng shui practitioners like to say that mirrors "bounce" energy.

Do you know which spots in your home feel dull or dead? Take a moment to look around your living room, kitchen and hallways. Chances are, each room has areas within it that you love, and areas within it that you never really like, no matter how well you've decorated them. These problem areas simply need more life and energy. Try hanging or standing a mirror in one of these trouble spots, and see how much better you feel about the area, almost instantly.

Making Narrow Hallways Seem Larger

Mirrors can help turn narrow, dark hallways into energetic, lively thoroughfares. When the energy of a hallway is lively, it helps to circulate energy from room to room. Like fresh air wafting throughout your home, or light filtering in through the curtains, mirrors will bring freshness and life to your home.

To transform your hallway, you'll first want to remove any old pictures or wall-hangings that you don't absolutely love. Hallways are often decorative junkyards; you may redecorate your living room two or three times before you redecorate your hallway even once. As such, hallways tend to collect the photos, pictures and artwork that we care about the least. After removing the old artwork, experiment by placing a mirror in a number of different spots along the hallway. Once you've found the best spot, you're free to measure the area and order a beautiful mirror that will suit that spot to perfection.

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