Home Decorating Accessories

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The right use of home decorating accessories can turn a dull room into a dramatic one. Home accessories have the power to make a room prettier, lighter, larger-looking or more interesting. A few simple tips can help you use your home decorating accessories to maximum effect.

Home Accessories for Vertical Spaces

For example, try using accessories that pull the focus off of horizontal spaces and onto vertical ones. Candlesticks, vases, potted plants and pottery all decorate horizontal spaces, like coffee tables or end tables. Generally, people tend to over-decorate with these items, and under-decorate with items for vertical spaces, like mirrors, paintings, posters, wall sculptures, tapestries, or window treatments.

Buying more items for your mantelpiece or dresser will only clutter your home, causing congestion and visual noise. Buying more items for your walls and windows, on the other hand, will create interest, life and movement. Your home will look more unique, polished and individualized if you decorate with these items.

Once you have purchased your mirror or painting, be sure to hang it correctly. The majority of people tend to hang these items much too high on their walls. The mirror or painting should be hung at eye level. If it's a mirror, obviously, you should be able to see your whole face in it. Of course, if you're five feet tall and your husband is six feet tall, you'll have to strike a compromise. In general, however, hang these items lower rather than higher. Also, keep in mind that no single item can transform a room the way a mirror can. Before you buy any other item for your home, invest in a high-quality mirror that you absolutely love.

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