Home Furnishings

Written by Serena Berger
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It's natural to get bored with your interior design at some point. If you get tired of an outfit, you stop wearing it. Even a car, you know you'll replace every few years if you want to. But you may not be able to uproot your household just because someday you get really fed up with your South windows, the low ceilings, or the chipped teal paint in the basement.

The solution? Finding home furnishings that fit your budget and really redesign your space. And don't stop with the obvious. Sure, a new bed frame, a new couch, or new curtains might work--but if you want to be really unique and innovative think about crown moldings, ceiling medallions, wall sconces, decorative screens, or fireplace designs.

Wall and Ceiling Home Furnishings

Your walls and ceiling have more impact on the way you feel in a room than you think. The lighting might have even more still. Just think about how gross you feel (and look) in fluorescent light. Or think about how much of a difference it makes to put a poster in a $20 poster frame instead of having it taped to the wall with no frame. The little things add up, and a lot of little things together redesign a room better than one big thing in a room with all the same old accessories.

If you have a bare bulb providing hard light from the ceiling, add soft light to your room with fixtures like wall sconces, and warm the quality up with a shade with pinkish undertones. If your problem is clutter, get accent table with cabinets or a decorative screen to hide some boxes. There are countless creative ways to re-envision your space, so don't get stuck thinking inside the traditional decorative box--even if you want to use Classical architecture in your room!

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