Home Painting Techniques

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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Whether you are looking for the look of Venetian plaster or futuristic chrome, there is a painting technique that can create that effect for your walls. Faux painting techniques are becoming popular because they are often easy and fun to do, and far less expensive than the more extensive styles needed for the true effect. For something that can look very stylish and modern and only takes a day or a few hours, read on.

Painting Effects for Homes

There is an almost infinite variety of effects, but some of the most popular are those that are designed to simulate wood grain, marble, stone, or metal. In addition, classic simple techniques such as ragging and stippling exist for easy projects. In order to rag a project, for example, simply bunch up a rag and drag it through still wet oil based paint, alternating your movements.

For a terra cotta look, simply apply a base coat, then throw sand on it (yes, you can get dirty). Apply the darker ruddy top coat, allowing the base coat to show. Sponge on orange and a fifty fifty mix of white latex for the added effect. Make sure to sponge the top two layers while still wet, and mix thoroughly. The final effect should look very aged and pottery-like.

For tips on specific design painting ideas, there are websites, online tutorials, and video help. In addition, a live person can visit to help you out, although many are quite easy. The best way is to figure out what type of technique you would like to do, and then get working on it.

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