Hurricane Lamps

Written by Serena Berger
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Hurricane lamps emerged from the long history of candles being used as light sources in the days before electricity. Candles in a drafty room would be a nuisance at best--blowing out every time a draft wafted through--and a danger at worst--setting fire to entire homes when blown over. Hurricane casings were created to protect flames from going out and to protect the room if the candle was knocked over.

The hurricane casing refers to a tall case, rather like the top of a champagne flute or a stylized glass, in which the candle sits. You can find hurricane style table lamps, sconces, and wall fixtures. In some cases, the glass shade is the most dramatic and beautiful feature of the lamp--it may be lovely combinations of colors, textures, or even gorgeous cut crystal.

Hurricane Lamps in Antique Replica Bases

In other cases, the glass shade and candle or bulb are only part of the design. The lamp may be set in a statue--for example an angel with arm outstretched, lighting the way. It may also be set in a sensual, heavy metal base of silver or brass.

A hurricane candle lamp with a chimney in the base is an especially elegant and whimsical touch in any room. In fact, many of the finest hurricane lamps you'll find are replicas of antiques or pieces very closely inspired by antique lamps. If your design scheme embraces Old World elegance and opulence, then hurricane lamps should be an essential part of your vision.

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