Kitchen Carts

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Once you graduate from the gallery kitchen into something larger, you want to put kitchen carts toward the top of your shopping list. You may have done so already. For any serious cook, they're indispensable. For anyone, in fact, there never seems to be enough counter space, and rarely where you want it. What better solution than counter that comes to you only when you need it?

I've mentioned how handy kitchen carts are in larger kitchens, but they're no less of a help, perhaps even more of one, in smaller kitchens. Think about your standard L-shaped or galley. The room might be 12 feet long or it might be 16 feet. Once you subtract the width of the stove, the sink, the refrigerator, and the appliance space, what do you have left? Not a lot. If you're cooking on your own, it's not that difficult to manage. If someone else wants to help, however, you've got cramped quarters and something of a problem.

If you're not particular about interior design, this aspect of kitchen carts won't matter to you. If you are, however, just take a minute and think about a kitchen cart as a piece of furniture and a design element. What is finer than quality butcher block, after all, or a granite or marble-top table? No matter what your style of decorating, you'll find yourself looking for--and finding, if you're not too anxious--just the quality kitchen cart to fill both function and form roles.

Kitchen Carts: Your Basic Options

The first thing to do is set your budget, because first-rate beechwood butcher block and the fine workmanship that goes into chef-caliber carts isn't inexpensive. But fine Italian craftsmanship is not the only answer. Take the time to think about your cooking style, the size of your kitchen, how much storage you might want the cart of offer, and your furniture style (and the budget). Then take advantage of the many online purveyors of home products and culinary aids and see what they have to offer. What you want and can afford is out there, be sure of that.

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