Lawn Address Plaques

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As an exterior design element, lawn address plaques are another great opportunity to accomplish several tasks in one fell swoop. First, you're aiding and abetting visitors, FedEx and UPS delivery drivers, substitute mail carriers, and newspaper delivery people. Second, you're making the most of opportunities to make your house your home.

Shopping for Lawn Address Plaques

Whatever the architecture of your house, be sure that you will be able to find a wide variety of lawn address plaques to echo it and echo your own taste and personality. Your best bet for a start is to browse several house design magazines to open yourself to design possibilities you might not have considered. Creativity often benefits from a nudge or two, after all.

You might then want to ask yourself a series of questions. Is the sole purpose of your browsing the possibilities of lawn address plaques to find something that helps identify your house on the street? Are you also hoping to put a finishing touch on a recent landscaping job? Do you want only the house number on the plaque, or perhaps your last name and maybe decorative elements as well?

No matter your choices on plaque style, house architecture, landscaping, and the rest, you certainly want to bear in mind that your address plaque will be exposed to the weather 365 days of the year. The materials--whether cast aluminum, slate, wooden, brass, tile, or something else--need to be durable, weatherproof, and ideally guaranteed for at least 10 years. Remember this as you sit down to the third stage of browsing the Internet now that you have a better of idea of exactly what you're looking for. Enjoy your shopping!

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