Lighted Address Plaques

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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A marvelous, if mundane, attribute of lighted address plaques is that they help ensure that neighborhood visitors don't mistake your house for someone else's. This, of course, presumes that they know where they want to be, which isn't always a sure thing--which you probably know already. Your established circle of friends--and acquaintances and carpool neighbors or colleagues who need to know--already knows which house is yours. The rest of the world, however, does not. This includes FedEx and UPS drivers and the substitute mail carrier.

Lighted address plaques are also--ignoring the lighted component--a great design element and finishing touch to your landscaping, much as mailboxes are. No matter what style of architecture your house is, finding an address plaque to echo it shouldn't be too difficult. Nonetheless, because there are so many options, so many styles, from which to choose, it's worth taking your time in shopping and deciding.

Types of Lighted Address Plaques

There are two basic types of lighted address plaques--reflective and powered. While your range of styles might be somewhat more limited than among unlighted styles, it's still comfortably wide. If your taste and design runs to the traditional, you'll probably enjoy the widest selection, simply because it's sometimes hard to go wrong with simple classical lines.

Powered lighting is usually designed to operate off existing front-door bell wiring. Plug-in and hardwire transformer models, however, are also available. If you're handy about the house and comfortable with minor electrical work, you can take care of the wiring yourself. If not, installing powered lighting won't be a major job for a licensed electrician or a major draw on your wallet. Certainly having a lighted address sign will be well worth the effort.

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