Lighted Mirrors

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Lighted mirrors in the bathroom, along with jacuzzis, are one of those luxury items that make all the difference, aren't they? Whether you've experienced them in luxury hotels or added them as elements in your own remodeling project, you know exactly what I mean. If you haven't, you should do. Start with buying a lighted mirror or mirrors for your home. You'll find that not only do lighted mirrors make life easier, but they're a quality design element as well.

Specifications to Check for in Lighted Mirrors

The most important quality in any mirror glass is that it's free of distortion. Optical select glass means that the mirror surface has been ground to the same rigorous standards as astronomical telescope lenses. Look at an ordinary mirror, any one will do. Do you notice a faint echo image at the edge? If so, you're not looking at optical select glass.

Understanding magnification is also important. While it's true that "normal" vision will never get better on its own, you strain your eyes unnecessarily with too much magnification as with too little. Most bathroom lighted mirrors will offer one side unmagnified and the other in a single magnification. The normal range is from 1x to 10x.

The state-of-the-art lighting of today moves a step beyond diffusing a halo of light a certain distance from the mirror. Until this, if you moved too close or too far away from the finite range of the light, you were out of luck. Called surround light, a Zadro trademark, this technology illuminates your face at any angle and any distance, distortion free and glare free, with a fluorescent bulb. Spoil yourself. You deserve it!

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