Written by Serena Berger
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If you want to get a large mirror as part of your interior design, this is not a time to try to save money by going with the cheapest possible option. You can think of a mirror sort of like a diamond--there are many different attributes that can make a mirror more or less valuable. And while you might not able to see the tiny inclusions and flaws in a diamond without a jeweler's lens, you can see the flaws in a mirror every time you look at it.

Fun house mirrors are an extreme of what can happen if a mirror is not perfectly flat. You can end up with significantly distorted images when a mirror has a focal point. It's almost worse when you look in a mirror and there's "something off," but you can't quite pinpoint it. It may feel like there's something wrong with your vision, because a tiny part of the reflection seems to be swimming or because it seems oddly out of focus.

Stunning Framed Mirrors

This is part of the reason prices on large mirrors may seem so exorbitant. If you add a beautiful frame, that will also increase the cost of the mirror, but make it a much more stunning design element in your room. Not only can the mirror be used to make the space seem larger and brighter, it can also draw the eye with elaborate scrollwork or stately swags in the border.

A cheval mirror can be the finishing touch of glamour and style in a bedroom or dressing room. These are long mirrors set in bases which allow them to be angled differently for different purposes. You can check your whole look, or angle the mirror and get close to work on your make-up.

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