Mosquito Magnet

Written by Timothy Elliott
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Anyone who's hosted or attended a summer barbecue that's been absent all mosquitos knows that a mosquito magnet can be worth its weight in gold. There are few things more miserable than waking up the morning after an otherwise pleasant garden party to find yourself covered in bumps and itches. You're then faced with a choice of grinning and bearing it or walking around with pink splotches of Calamine lotion all over your face, neck, and extremities. Many people are so miserable that they throw their vanity into the wind and play Pink Panther for a few days.

With the mosquito magnet, you'll never have to face that embarrassing scenario again. Just put the machine outside in the general vicinity of your picnic, party, or barbecue, and you can start grilling with confidence, even if you're directly on a lake, stream, or other body of water where mosquitos tend to gather. Your magnet will lure in pests from as far away as 150 feet, thanks to a steady release of carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitos who mistake the plumes for human respiration.

How a Mosquito Magnet Works

The key to the mosquito magnet is fooling the insects into thinking the trap is a live oxygen-breathing, CO2-emitting human being. Mosquitos are drawn to the moisture and warmth of the human breath, which they associate with a feeding frenzy, and fly straight toward it, only to be sucked into a downward fan. Once the critters are stuck in the vacuum they stand no chance of escaping a watery fate. Even if larvae continue to grow in the reservoir, they have no hope of ever making it to full maturity.

Magnets can be expensive, ranging as high as 1250 dollars for certain deluxe versions. When you shop at an online patio furniture outlet, however, you can take substantial savings by cutting out middlemen and marketers who mark up prices by 20 or 30 percent. What's more, you won't have to contend with lines at your home furnishings store when you place your order over the Internet. Just be sure to order far enough in advance before your next big party to ensure your magnet arrives in time to spare your guests from the abuse.

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