Old World Finishes

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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From antique iron to terra cotta foyers and tumbled stone, many are looking to revive the charm of Tuscany on a summery day. Old world finishes are increasing in popularity in part because they are so natural looking, which tends to go with almost any style of furniture or decor.

Old World Effects

Of course, many people do not have the money or the interest to put up all marble floors into their home, or replace their current plaster walls and put in stone. There are many options for creating a fake old world finish, particularly on walls. It just depends on what type of effect you are looking for.

In order to paint an old world finish onto your walls, make sure and invest in a base coat, acrylic or latex tinting paints, and lots of varnish. Extra plaster may be needed for effects as well. Old world looks tend to vary in colors, but all have a very washed and faded appearance. Dulling down layers with a wet sponge can be one way of achieving this effect, especially if the sponge is dipped in varnish.

An additional tip is to paint in a type of fresca style, letting the base coat of paint remain still wet while applying the final color, allowing mixing to a certain degree. This effect will almost certainly take some smoothing out afterwards, but with careful softening of the edges it should be striking.

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