Personalized Home Decoration

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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As sharing personal effects is becoming all the rage of home decoration lately, it is not surprising that many people are interested in customizing their spaces. Personalized decor allows a you to show off what you love the most, without feeling guilty about it. As the true purpose of a home is to feel good about the space for yourself, there is no reason it shouldn't be a statement about you.

Personalized Decór Ideas

Generally, those ideas involving friends and family are becoming popular, but so are many others. If you have a favorite vacation spot or beloved niche, you might want to hire a muralist to paint it on your kitchen wall, or in the bedroom. This can be done in many areas fairly inexpensively--and imagine the joy of looking out on a beach in Tahiti every morning when you wake up!

Personalized collages are becoming popular as well, and draw upon similar themes. With some glue, photographs, and the backboard of your life, you can easily create artwork that is made to show something about you. Throw in mementos from vacations, coins and shells from foreign countries, children's artwork or hair clippings, or whatever else seems to fit the mosaic of your life. Hang it in place of artwork and see what the reaction is!

Personalized headboards, kitchen backsplashes, and pillows are becoming popular also. Don't be afraid to decorate your bedroom with items from your favorite sports team, even down to the pillows. By creating a look that is yours, you can feel comfortable coming home at night and also, you will have something unique to show to others.

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