Rc Airplane

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For any young kid who's dreamed of flying, an RC airplane can help fulfill those natural longings. If your child is still too young to begin practicing real aviation, a radio control plane can help teach him or her some of the important principles of flight. You don't need an aeronautical engineering degree to understand the same concepts of propulsion and lift that apply to commercial or military aviation.

Lots of parents, dads in particular, choose to buy model planes as construction projects. It can be doubly rewarding to fly a plane that you've built yourself, though you must be prepared for the inevitable crashes that can damage or even destroy your handiwork. For that reason, other flying fans prefer to buy their RC airplanes pre-built. That way all they have to do is install a battery, then take their model out to the street, which doubles as a runway.

Your Specialty RC Airplane

Radio control planes come in an array of actual military aircraft. These include the B-2 bomber, arguably the most well-known and revered of all military fighter jets. The semi-scale model comes in the standard gray-coated finish you see on real Stealth Bombers, and its foam-injected construction provides added durability and strength, which is important when flying in strong winds.

As with RC cars and RC boats, your radio controlled plane takes entertainment to a whole new level. It's hard to return to board games and other "static" toys after experimenting with a dynamic and exciting model vehicle of any kind. The only step from there may be to invest in a Go Kart, though this can require a somewhat more substantial capital investment.

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