Rc Car

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A radio control or RC car is not just a toy for children, but for adults as well. A well-made model car is just a miniature version of the real thing, with drive shafts, transmissions, V-groove tires, and high-performance specs. Not only will you get top driving performance out of an RC car, you'll also get first-rate style to boot.

RC cars come with the same sharp lines and articulations you'd expect from a real car, only at one-tenth the scale. Opt for chrome wheels, racing stripes, spoilers, or sponsor decals that give your RC a NASCAR look and feel. Underneath, your car benefits from anodized oil-filled shocks, an aluminum chassis, and a premier exhaust system.

Can I Afford an RC Car?

With so many precision instruments and durable long-lasting parts, you might think your toy car required a down payment and a monthly lease. But there are great RC cars available for just a few hundred dollars, which makes them reasonable for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. Better still, for the money you spend, you'll be investing in your relationship with your son or daughter.

If you've already got a radio control car, why not add an RC boat or RC airplane to your fleet? You can even craft a full first-responders unit with an emergency Med-Evac helicopter and rescue boat. Just be sure to look both ways before sending your cars out on the road, even if it's just a suburban residential street.

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