Round Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Depending on their size, round mirrors can either bring subtle charm or tremendous drama to a room. A large, round mirror is very glamorous and dramatic. It can be the centerpiece of even the most elegant living and dining areas. A dramatically large, round mirror looks as good all by itself as it does next to paintings or wall sculptures. The mirror harmonizes well with a wide range of artwork.

If you have a beautiful sideboard or credenza in your dining room that you'd like to draw attention to, try hanging a large, round mirror above it. The large mirror will draw the eye toward that part of the room, at which point the viewer will notice the beauty of the furniture. The subtlety of the furniture and the splendor of the mirror will work very well together.

Smaller Round Mirrors

If large, round mirrors create drama, smaller round mirrors create warmth and charm. This is especially true if the frame is hand-painted, or the design is whimsical. Picture a round mirror surrounded by a round, wooden frame that has been hand-painted with bunches of delicate flowers. Fanciful designs like these can turn round mirrors into unexpected showpieces.

Round mirrors can also help the viewer focus on his or her face. While a rectangular mirror may reflect a great deal of the background of the room, the round mirror will reflect primarily the viewer herself. This makes round mirrors an excellent choice for bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms.

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