Rustic Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Rustic mirrors can look surprisingly classy if they are made of high-quality materials. Often, what separates a rustic mirror from a more traditional mirror is simply the type of material used for the frame. A medium-sized rectangular mirror framed in a gold finish is classic. A medium-sized rectangular mirror framed in woven banana bark is rustic.

If you love texture, you'll love rustic mirrors. Contemporary rustic mirrors are made from a truly dazzling array of natural materials. These materials look especially beautiful when surrounded by other wonderful textures. For instance, a rustic living room might include a fur or faux fur rug on the floor, a stone fireplace, a leather couch, textured stone pottery, and a large mirror framed by coco bark and cast fiber. Every object in the room has a unique, natural and eminently touchable texture, including the mirror.

Rustic Mirrors for Second Homes

Rustic mirrors are perfect for all kinds of second homes. If you own a small home on a lake, a cabin in the woods, or a condo near a ski resort, you'll probably want to decorate it in natural, unpretentious materials that reflect the beauty of nature. If your second home is the place where you get back in touch with nature, make sure you bring natural elements into the home itself.

Mirrors framed in painted wood, burnished leather or woven bark are all ideal for second homes. The subtle beauty and interesting textures of these materials also look good in more formal rooms, such as the living room of your primary home. Basically, rustic mirrors look great anywhere you want to bring a touch of natural, unpretentious and unexpected beauty.

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