Slate Address Plaques

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Slate address plaques are wonderfully adaptable to so many architectural styles, if you think about it. They fit in equally well with the colonial salt box architecture of New England as they do with Spanish Mission style bungalows in Arizona or California. If you've been to one of the older New Jersey beach towns, you've walked slate sidewalks and walkways around clapboard Victorian houses. It's very hard to go wrong with slate as a raw material!

A Few Ideas for Slate Address Plaques

Perhaps you want to replace the brass house numbers that have hung there forever but take more polishing than you're able to give. Maybe you've undertaken to revamp the landscaping in front of your house. Whether you have a bungalow with sea grass and hydrangeas and sycamore trees, or a Cape Cod house with a lush green lawn, an herb garden, and box bushes under shade trees, slate address plaques will complement the architecture of your house.

Not only will they add to its appeal, but they give you yet another opportunity to put that finishing personal touch on a house you've made into your home. You might opt for simple numbers--large, for visibility, and because the texture of slate is such that quantity never makes for ostentatious. Let your creativity roll, if your instinct suggests it.

Whatever motif, hobby, or interest you choose to accent with slate address plaques can be as understated as your tastes dictate. You might be active in ecological preservation, or an avid vintage aircraft enthusiast, or raise Labrador retrievers. Your spouse might enjoy gardening. Slate is a great canvas on which make that personal and finishing touch.

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