Square Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Square mirrors are surprisingly unexpected. The vast majority of mirrors are rectangular, oval-shaped or round, making square mirrors surprisingly unique. The object is absolutely simple, yet refreshing and original. This juxtaposition makes it a wonderful, playful decorating tool.

For example, a square mirror works very well against other unusually shaped items. If your coffee table is a kidney shape, you may want to hang a large, square mirror near it. If your dining room table is an elongated oval rather than a traditional rectangle, you may want to hang a square mirror or two behind it. A square mirror is a playful, fun accent that draws attention to other pieces of furniture that break the traditional rules of shape and geometry.

Funky, Square Mirrors

Square mirrors also seem to bring out the playful side in designers. You may notice that a high percentage of square mirrors are funky and fun. Designers often create square mirrors framed in unusual materials, like mosaic glass or beaten tin. A small, square mirror surrounded by ornate, pounded tin is a favorite in Mexico, where interior decoration is often fabulously colorful. Other square mirrors are also frequently hand-painted, or framed with whimsical objects, like hand-painted hearts.

These mirrors work best in rooms that don't take themselves too seriously. A funky, square mirror looks great in a hallway. It looks sweet in a kitchen, and adds warmth and personality to a bathroom. Square mirrors also work very well in children's or teenager's bedrooms.

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