Tony Little

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The story of Tony Little is well traveled in fitness as well as motivational speaking circles. The self-titled "America's Personal Trainer" has had to overcome two devastating near-fatal car crashes in his life en route to becoming one of the world's most popular physical trainers. In doing so, Tony has battled severe depression that developed in the wake of his crippling accidents.

Twenty years ago, Tony was one of the bright lights in the world of junior bodybuilding. Having won several junior titles, Tony was preparing for the leap to the big time and a chance at the Mr. America Bodybuilding title when he suffered his first tragedy, which resulted in cracked vertebrae, herniated desks, and horrible lacerations across his body. Despite the trauma, Tony bounced back and finished a stunning fifth place in the national competition. But his future was clearly in fitness education, where Tony saw the biggest opportunity to effect some real change in the health habits of Americans.

The Continuing Saga of Tony Little

Tony hooked up with the heads of the Home Shopping Network, which became the launching pad for his own signature line of videos. But unlike other tapes, Tony's product emphasized the psychological training necessary for good health just as much as the exercises themselves. The public responded to this personal approach, buying up 400 copies of his video within his first four minutes on the air, a success that gave Tony a permanent home on HSN and a firm perch in the fitness infomercial market.

Today, the Tony Little program has helped an estimated 30 million Americans find the balance between a strong mind and a strong body. His principles combine the cardiovascular benefits of an elliptical machine or exercise bike workout with the muscular development found in resistance training. All of this is accompanied by a can-do attitude and positive reinforcement to help make the regimen attainable even for lifelong couch potatoes.

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