Unique Home Decoration

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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If you are artistically minded or simply looking for something in your home beyond the status quo, you might want something that is thoughtful. Unique decorating ideas can include painting murals on the walls of your bedrooms, creating candlelight fireplaces, or using rocks and sticks as natural accents inside the house. There are as many ideas as there are creative minds, but hopefully some contained in here will strike a chord.

Home Decorating Projects

It is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world for the outside to come in, and many of the more unique home decorating ideas involve just this. Using large rocks or boulders as an accent inside the house, especially if surrounded by a few indoor trees, can have a striking effect if carried off well. Using a few walking sticks or hiking apparel as accents can also help.

For bathrooms or kitchens, doing a project of mosaic tile can be fun (and gives you something to do with broken tile), although I wouldn't recommend walking on it. Use mismatched pieces of tile and break them with a hammer into various sized pieces (not less than one square inch). Troweling the cement mix one square foot at a time, arrange the mismatched pieces into a mosaic onto your surface, never leaving more than one half of an inch between pieces. Grout and seal later for a stunning effect.

Unique decorating projects come in many shapes and forms, and largely depend on what you want to change. A children's playroom (let them paint the walls) will have different ideas than a foyer, for example. Whatever you do, once you've figured out a project, stick it out through the final results, and be consistent in your application.

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