Vanity Mirrors

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Vanity may be vanity, but all vanity mirrors are not at all alike. You might be shopping with makeup application or hair styling in mind. Maybe, however, you want simply an all-round mirror for the top of the vanity in the bathroom or bedroom bureau. Whatever you'll be using this mirror for, you certainly want quality glass and a distortion-free image.

The cliché about getting what you pay for may be a cliché, but it's nonetheless true. Think about all the features you'd ideally have, and for it. Lighted mirrors, if you don't already know, are wonderful. Surround diffused lighting, the right magnification, and quality glass are the defining elements of vanity mirrors you probably want.

Whether you're applying make-up, styling your hair, or tending to skin care, a quality vanity mirror will make all the difference in your daily personal care ablutions. That as much as anything else contributes to your sense of well being as you start your day. Not only that, but vanity mirrors--like all bathroom accessories--are important design elements.

Shopping Vanity Mirrors

Striking just the right note with the rest of your interior design scheme is important. Fortunately, there's a wide range of finishes and styles available. Take your time in browsing websites and magazines. Read up on manufacturers, models, styles, and lighting technology. Learn what magnification you need, don't just buy off the shelf. (Your eyes are important. Laser surgery aside, you get only one set. Treat them well with good lighting and distortion-free mirrors.) Once you find the right combination of specifications and style in one item, shop for prices. It pays off every time.

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