Wall Decor

Written by Serena Berger
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Wall niches are just one way to add unexpected beauty to small areas where you hadn't made your home feel like yours yet. Foyers, hallways, and stairways are often left undecorated because people don't want to put their favorite artwork in these locations and they don't know what else to put there. A wall niche is a work of art in and of itself, and can also be used to display some small treasure.

Flowers in Wall Niches

You can also use a wall niche for flowers--silk or fresh varieties. If you feel more peaceful with plants around you and you like a lush display of greenery and flowers in your home, add dimension and interesting height with plants in wall niches. Why leave plants in their plastic pots or go for the same terra cotta pots that everyone else has? Putting some dangling ferns, a spider plant, a few sprigs of ivy, or some silk flowers in a wall niche is unique and stunning.

If you don't want the added decision of what to put in a wall niche, a decorative appliqué may be just what you're looking for. Typically inspired by classical architectural elements, appliqués and rosettes may be carved from various beautiful woods or made from polyurethane so they can be painted with whatever color you choose. They can be hung absolutely anywhere you want a little accent.

There are countless other ways to add a little touch of elegance and beauty to your walls. Sconces can be operational and add warm, indirect light to your room, or be purely decorative. Corbels, too, can be a perfect finishing touch anywhere in your home. Don't neglect mirrors, either, when you consider wall decorations. The mirror itself adds dimension to the room and a beautiful border around the mirror is as stunning as the perfect frame around a work of art.

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