Weather Vane Store

Written by Timothy Elliott
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Your weather vane store will help you determine exactly which way the winds are blowing. Weather vanes are one of those accessories that tend to appear in movies and TV shows far more often than they do in real life, which is unfortunate since they can add a splash of character to a house or garden. If you've already purchased a garden arbor, a flower trellis, or any other outdoor ornament, a weather vane can help you add the finishing touches.

Too often homeowners dedicate all their money and energy to their houses to the neglect of their gardens. But a weather vane can spruce up a boring patch of vegetation with a vintage style reminiscent of a bygone era when people actually depended on weather vanes to indicate wind directions. Farmers in particular were (and continue to be) especially sensitive to weather patterns, for they can dramatically affect crop yields.

What You'll Find at Your Weather Vane Store

Your weather vane store will offer a wide range of vanes depicting everything from farm animals and angels to sailboats and buggies. Frolicking cows, roosters, and ducks are just a few of the barnyard characters who sit atop the stakes and stand guard over your cauliflower and cherry tomatoes. Get in the Halloween spirit with a flying witch weather vane, or make a nod to kiddie lit with a Big Bad Wolf weather vane instead.

Most designs come in verdigris, black, and rust colors, as well as bronze and other finishes. And all weather vanes come with planting pins and stakes for easy assembly. If you have further questions about styles and ornaments, speak with a rep at your garden and home furnishings outlet and they can help outfit you with a vane that suits your particular garden.

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