Wood Carvings

Written by Serena Berger
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There are several areas in your home where you can incorporate wood carvings into your design scheme. If you enjoy working with wood, you can craft your own designs for use in particular places. If you are not that ambitious or skilled, you can easily find wood carvings to purchase. The only skill that you have to master then is incorporating those carvings into your interior design.

Personalizing Your Interior Design with Wood Carvings

You may want to replace the knobs on your cabinets with unique wood carvings. These can be as simple as cleanly cut geometric shapes or as elegant as elaborate blooming flowers. If you have a cabinet that you are interested in further customizing, you can purchase additional wood carvings such as a ribbon onlay to add more detail.

Hand-carved wood corbels are another design element which can make your room and home more unique. These can be used to create a series of shelves or simply to add character to your existing shelves. You can also use corbels for small surfaces on which to place small objects, such as picture frames or figurines.

Wood carvings can essentially be used to adorn any existing furniture. You might have a beautiful mirror that has a plain frame. Rather than replacing the mirror, you can find wood carvings to adhere to the frame to make the mirror more striking. Wood carvings can also be used to frame objects on walls. For example, symmetric scroll designs could be placed above and below, as well as to the left and right, of a painting in a simple frame to further accentuate it.

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