Wood Framed Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wood framed mirrors are uniquely beautiful. An ornate, hand-carved wooden frame can be as intricate as wrought iron scrollwork or ornate gold leaf, yet it's humbler and warmer. The natural beauty of polished wood gives the mirror a simplicity that works well in a number of different rooms.

For instance, a wood framed mirror looks terrific in masculine-looking rooms, like libraries, studies, home offices or dens. A wood framed mirror is a nice choice for a bachelor's apartment. A heavy, gilt frame might be too much, but a large, hand-carved wooden one looks polished and masculine at the same time.

Wood Framed Mirrors and Wooden Details

Wood framed mirrors also bring out the natural beauty of the wood in other objects. If you have a gorgeous, dark wood mantelpiece, a beautiful wood dining table or pretty wood cabinet doors, hanging a wood framed mirror near those pieces will draw attention to them. Rooms with a great deal of beautiful wood look especially good with other objects made of natural materials.

For example, stained glass, stone pottery, or colored glass vases look fabulous in a room with a lot of natural wood. In a day and age when furniture is more likely to be made of formica, plastic, metal or wood veneer than good old-fashioned wood, wood looks more luxurious than ever. If you're lucky enough to have a lot of wonderful wood in your home, play it up with wood framed mirrors.

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