Wrought Iron Mirrors

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wrought iron mirrors look dramatic and important without looking flashy. Wrought iron looks classic without looking fussy. A wrought iron mirror is also wonderfully unusual. A large mirror framed in wrought iron scrollwork can easily become the centerpiece of a dining room or living room. It makes an entryway grander and a bedroom more romantic.

Like a Gothic cathedral or medieval artwork, wrought iron mirrors seamlessly combine the masculine and the feminine. The color and feel of the material is dark, cold and masculine, while the design of the frame and the smoothness of the mirror itself are bright, warm and feminine. This marvelous juxtaposition makes wrought iron mirrors an especially versatile decorating tool. For instance, a wrought iron mirror can add much-needed warmth to a study, or much-needed masculinity to a very feminine living room.

Wrought Iron Mirrors Online

Unfortunately, these beautiful items are not easy to come by. Visit a typical department store or home decorating store, and you may not find any wrought iron mirrors at all. If you have your heart set on this wonderful, unusual design, you'd be smart to shop online.

Online mirror stores often have an impressively large stock. A good online mirror store will sell hundreds of totally unique mirrors. Look for a company that has proven itself to be reliable. The best companies are usually affiliated with the Better Business Bureau or some other objective organization that can attest to their honesty. Also, before you order anything, make sure the price of shipping isn't prohibitively expensive.

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