Written by Norene Anderson
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Architects have a style and design that is as unique as personality. It is important that you find the right one before you begin making your plans for remodel or change. It is better to take your time and find the one that can compliment your style than to get in a hurry just to get one and have conflicts show up during the project.

If there is a project or home that is designed the way you envision your home, find out who the architect was and see if they can meet your desires. Another way to locate a reputable architect is to talk to friends and neighbors. Find out what they did and did not like about the one who designed their home or remodel project. Personal experience is always the best indicator of quality workmanship.

Only Consider Architects that Are Licensed

Realtors and contractors are also a great source for getting the names of architects that work in your area. There are online directories that can provide you with names to contact. The next step is to contact the architect and see if they give a free consultation. Make sure that you are actually meeting with the architect and not a representative. You want to meet with the one that will be designing your plans.

Reputable architects will have no problem giving references or giving you proof of their licensing. There is a difference between a licensed architect and a certified home designer. Make sure the person you choose is properly licensed. The architect you choose will be your closest contact for the duration of the project. Choose someone that you are comfortable being around as well as someone that knows the job.

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