Books About Energy

Written by Courtney Salinas
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There are so many books on energy and energy efficiency, finding one that is right for you can be a bit daunting. But, to dispel an old myth, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. A shiny glossy cover is usually indicative of a well-funded government project, while a modest cover usually indicates the book was made by a creative do-it-yourselfer.

Do It Yourself Energy Books

Some homeowners are so industrious that they come up with their own ways to save energy, money, and the environment, and they want to share it with everyone else. These books can be infinitely useful since most of the techniques in the book have been put through trial and error tests by the author. These books are usually very helpful to average homeowners who might not know the most about energy conservation.

Sometimes scientists or other industry specialists will create a do it yourself book just to share their knowledge. These specialists have more information and resources at their disposal than the average person does. These books can be a wealth of information and knowledge, just don't get in over your head and buy a book with too much jargon to wade through.

Government Funded Books

These are great sources of information on what kind of government benefits are available to people who adopt energy efficient practices. You can learn about discounts or loans available to you so that you may update your home to be more energy efficient. Be sure and be wary of any agendas governmental agencies may be pushing. Additional research will always help you make an informed decision.

Read More than One Book

Always read several books on a subject. Getting multiple points of view will save you from adopting a poorly conceived energy saving plan. Reading books by experts, government agencies, and do-it-yourselfers can help you make the best decision for your home.

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