Do It Yourself Saunas

Written by Michael Federico
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Do it yourself saunas come in as many styles as factory produced saunas. For those who have a history of doing handy work around the house, constructing do it yourself saunas will not be that difficult. In some cases, the job may only take three or four hours. More elaborate projects can take three or four days.

There are a number of products on the market that will walk someone through the process of building a sauna. There are videos that demonstrate each and every step involved in the task. There are also books that offer different approaches to do it yourself saunas and insight into details that can be added to make the work truly unique.

Options for Do It Yourself Saunas

When people set out to produce personal saunas they will be faced with several decisions. The first thing one must decide is whether he wants an indoor or outdoor sauna. This decision will affect the size of the finished product, and it can even alter the materials used in the process. After the location has been decided, a heat source must be chosen. Steam can be used to create a Finnish (wet) sauna, while electric or infrared systems can be used to heat a dry sauna.

Accessories can also play a large part in do it yourself saunas. Specialized, hand crafted doors can be added, or gathered stones can be used for steaming. Wood detailing can also affect the way a sauna looks. Companies that provide sauna starter kits will often have options for the builder that allow him to add a bit of personal creativity to an otherwise standard project.

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