Energy Efficiency Audits

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Ever look at your utility bill and just wonder how it could possibly be that high? Ever adopted a tough stance on conserving energy in your home or office and not seen enough of a difference? An energy efficiency audit can help you assess how you are using your energy and where your money is going.

Energy Efficiency Consultants

If you are looking to improve your energy efficiency, you might want to look into hiring an energy efficiency consultant. The consultant will look through your business or home and assess where and how energy is wasted. Make sure your hire a consultant with experience and lots of references.

Audits through Your Utility Company

Many local utility companies offer free or low cost energy efficiency audits. It is in their interest, after all, for you to have the most energy efficient home possible. While a higher utility bill for you means more money for them, they are facing the pressure to provide energy to everyone in your area. If everyone tried a few different things to decrease their energy usage, the load on our grids and power plants would be considerably lighter.

What to Expect from an Audit

An auditor will inspect your walls for air infiltration and your insulation for consistency. They will examine your appliances and lights for energy efficiency. The auditor will then advise you on any items that might need to be repaired or retrofitted and will advise you on how you may further move towards energy efficiency by investing in energy efficient appliances, climate control systems, and insulation.

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