Energy Efficient Homes

Written by Courtney Salinas
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How nice it would be if we all had energy efficient homes where there were no drafty corners or leaky windows, no blindingly hot rooms or ill fitted doors. We can have that, though, by maintaining and improving our homes or even hunting for more energy efficient homes. Some homes may require major overhauls and others may require small tweaking, but there is hope.

What Makes a Home Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home has as few air leaks as possible, has airtight insulation, uses low energy appliances and low flow water fixtures. Energy efficient homes have thermostats to regulate heating and cooling units. An energy efficient home is something to strive towards for all of us. Our fossil fuels are disappearing and without conservation, we may soon be left cold and in the dark.

Home Loan Assistance

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration have all underwritten a federal program to reward homeowners for energy efficient homes. The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) allows homeowners to have their home loans stretched in order to purchase more energy efficient homes. An EEM can also help a homeowner pay for energy efficiency upgrades in their existing homes.

Upgrading Your Home

There are so many easy ways to make your home more energy efficient, many of which are free, such as turning down your thermostat on evenings and when you're away, or cost very little, such as replacing incandescent lights with fluorescent lights. Major overhauls, such as replacing fiberglass insulation with cellulose insulation or installing a geothermal system, can cost a lot of money, but the money you save on energy will pay you back over the next few years.

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