Far Infrared

Written by Michael Federico
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Far infrared (FIR) is a light wave technology that has allowed for advances in many different fields. Perhaps the most well known use of infrared is a militaristic one. Far infrared allows soldiers to monitor people or vehicles in the complete darkness. Most people know this technology by its sci-fi or super hero name, heat vision.

While most heat sources warm the air, far infrared heaters, like other radiant heat sources, do not. Instead, they heat only the objects in a certain area. They also function on the same wavelength as body heat. This means that people are not harmed by contact with infrared rays. The safety of far infrared has made it very popular in homes and even some luxury hotels. A person can step out of a cold shower on a cold day and place her feet on a heated floor. The far infrared heated floor is a nice perk, but it is also a fairly inexpensive way to create warmth in an otherwise cold room.

Using Far Infrared in Saunas

Technology has had a hand in changing the way traditional saunas function. While many older saunas still rely on steam or electricity for heat, newer saunas frequently feature infrared heating systems. There are several benefits to using far infrared in a sauna. The heat produced is a deep penetrating heat. It is more effective at relieving tension and muscle soreness than steam. Saunas that utilize FIR also allow people to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Ceramic heaters are the best conductors of infrared heat. A ceramic convex system allows for the optimum dispersion of warmth throughout the sauna. No matter where one sits, he will feel a constant, even amount of heat.

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