Free Hot Water

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Geothermal energy is a fantastic way to save money by using less energy and to help save the environment by using a renewable energy source. That's not all, though. There's one more advantage to geothermal energy and geothermal systems: free hot water. A majority of geothermal heat pumps come equipped with a hot water heating system. With these water-heating systems, the water is heated while the system is heating or cooling your home.

Free Hot Water in the Summer

In the summer, the excess heat that is being extracted from your home or business by your geothermal system can be used to heat your water. Usually for the duration of the summer months, geothermal system users can get free hot water. You're not paying to have your water heated because your geothermal system has already done the work for your regular water heater.

Cut Your Water Heating Bill in Half in the Winter

During the winter months, excess heat from the geothermal heat pump can be used to heat water as well, sometimes providing half the hot water a business or home needs. If your geothermal system did not come with a hot water heater, a separate system can be purchased. These stand-alone units operate on demand, heating water when you need it, as opposed to the built in water heaters that always heat when the system is on. By providing you with free hot water, a geothermal system is again paying for itself. In fact, you could even look at getting free hot water as making money.

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