Geothermal Hvac

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Geothermal heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. The HVAC system consists of a series of ducts in your attic or crawlspace that distributes hot or cold air to your home. When acting as a heater, the vents are connected to your geothermal heat pump, which compresses the heat it has received from the ground and distributes the heat to your home or business. When acting as an air conditioner, hot air is transferred through the duct system to the geothermal heat pump and returned to the Earth.

Why Many HVAC Systems Are Inefficient

Because of poor installation practices, many HVAC systems run inefficiently. Improper sealing methods and poor duct insulation can cause your HVAC system to lose the air it's distributing and cost you money. Having a properly designed HVAC system is absolutely the most important part of the installation process. Use duct system design programs such as WrightSoftTM or HVAC Computer ServicesTM . This will give you some price comparison and give you some idea of any savings.

Just because you have a bigger HVAC system doesn't mean it will work better. Usually a bigger system just results in higher bills and less air entering your home. Be sure to research any HVAC installation companies you might be interested in hiring to work on your home.

When researching companies, find out what their views on saving energy and money are and make sure they have a long history of installing geothermal HVAC systems. Always look for the American Refrigeration Institute's (ARI) rating of any HVAC. If it's not rated by the ARI, don't use it.

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