Home Energy Ratings

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Your home is probably the most expensive thing you'll ever purchase, but is also the most worthwhile investment you'll ever make. Taking care of that investment should be a priority. Why not make your home worth even more by having a home energy rating performed?

Getting a Home Energy Rating

Home energy ratings cost $100 to $300 and should only be performed by a trained energy rater. Get references from any energy raters you might be considering and make sure to get bids from more than one company. Once you've decided on an energy rater, they will come to your home and examine it for energy efficiency. Once the energy rater has finished inspecting your home, they will provide you with a home energy rating system (HERS) report.

The HERS Report

A HERS report will tell you how efficient your home is. The HERS report evaluates your home's energy efficiency and estimates energy use costs. Once the HERS report is done, your energy rater will recommend cost-efficient energy upgrades, estimate the cost of those upgrades, and estimate the cost of utilities with and without the upgrades. If you chose to upgrade your home, your home energy rating will improve.

Energy Efficient Mortgages

If your home receives a satisfactory HERS report, you may be eligible for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM). This will be useful when you decide to sell your home because energy efficient homes move faster. If you apply for an EEM before you purchase a home, lenders can stretch your mortgage to help you find a more energy efficient home. EEMs can also help you pay for upgrades relating to your HERS report.

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