Home Lighting Controls

Written by Stephanie Dula
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There are various ways consumers can obtain a home lighting control system for their home or office. Most home automation systems include an appliance control capability that allows users to turn on single lights or groups of lights from a remote location. These lighting controls are the most popular form of home automation equipment, encompassing everything from a motion sensitive porch light to dimmer switches for mood lighting.

Due to decreasing costs of a variety of home lighting controls, the ability to create a set of automated lighting functions is now a reality for many homeowners. Simple plug-in receivers can be used with lamps and other plugged light fixtures and activated through a control pad. More elaborate lighting controls are security systems that incorporate wireless devices and even the Internet for their remote control possibilities.

Lighting Control and Security

Automated lighting controls have proven a valuable tool in home security, with a number of options for creating a safer environment for all members of the household. Many people like having a remote control with them in the car to activate lights before they enter and turn them off as they leave. In-house controls may include multiple units throughout the home, enabling users to activate all lights in the home from wherever they happen to be.

As with most home automation technology, many different types of systems are available. Single rooms can be lit up to the owner's specifications, or the entire home in the case of an emergency or break-in. For those looking to incorporate some smart house technology into their own home, automated lighting controls offer a wide variety of simple products with which to get started.

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