Intelligent Homes

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Intelligent homes make use of today's high level of automation technology, providing living spaces that better fit the needs of residents. Once considered too expensive and impractical for the average consumer, intelligent homes complete with automated appliances can be created affordably. Newly constructed homes are frequently outfitted with automated lighting and heating systems, but existing homes can also benefit from this type of technology.

The Evolution of Intelligent Homes

As consumers grow more independent in their ability to communicate with others and attain products and services, living spaces have been tailored to meet new demands. People now want the ability to control their business and personal lives from the comfort of their own home. There are plenty of reasons for a homeowner to look into some simple automation additions.

Intelligent homes offer ways for homeowners to control their audio and video choices, creating program schedules and streaming music from the Internet. Smart ovens and refrigerators allow users to activate these appliances from anywhere and even download recipes from the Web. Elaborate response sequences can be triggered with a simple command or event.

Security is a big part of any home automation system's consumer appeal. Assisted living systems can automate simple tasks for those living with limited mobility. Authorities or loved ones can be automatically alerted if an elderly family member falls down stairs or is not able to perform typical daily tasks. Home security while owners are on vacation is just the beginning of the freedom and peace of mind an intelligent home provides.

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