Personal Saunas

Written by Michael Federico
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Personal saunas are becoming more popular and more affordable in America. Many Europeans, especially those in Sweden and Finland, have long considered personal saunas as a part of everyday life. However, in this country they have been seen as a perk that only the wealthiest could enjoy. This view is changing, though, as more styles and models have been made available on the market. Not all of the products are handcrafted works of art, but they all provide health benefits and offer relaxation to those who use them.

Both steam and dry personal saunas can be purchased already assembled. People can also procure sauna kits that make home assembly quick and easy. There are also sauna baths and sauna showers available at relatively low prices.

Portable Personal Saunas

Many people who build their own saunas do so on a very large scale. They construct old-fashioned wooden edifices in their back yards. These must be built strong and sturdy to combat weather and other natural forms of deterioration. Once these are constructed, they are not going anywhere.

Portable saunas do not usually contain the accessories and flourishes that are often present in the permanent units. However, they allow a person to keep a sauna when he or she moves. They also give a person a chance to transport the sauna from room to room within the house, or even take it outside. Modular saunas are quickly becoming the most prevalent portables. There is very little assembly and disassembly involved with these models, and costs tend to be lower than most wood saunas.

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