Portable Steam Saunas

Written by Michael Federico
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Portable steam saunas, like portable dry saunas, are designed so that people can quickly take down and reassemble them. There are many who consider steam a prerequisite for a sauna. They see the steam, along with the sweat it causes, as a cleanser, and feel that dry saunas do not provide the same benefit.

There are several models available for the steam lovers of the world. While many prefer permanent sauna cottages or huts, others are finding benefits in portable steam saunas. While one is not likely to transport a sauna on a daily basis, portable saunas can be moved from inside a home to the outdoors, depending on the season. If people want to enjoy the warmth of a sauna outside in the dead of winter or on a cool autumn day, they can. Also, if a person is taking an extended vacation or heading to a new permanent destination, the sauna can make the journey with him.

Choosing between Portable Steam Saunas

The one reason why many sauna enthusiasts do not like portables is the fact that several models do not even resemble saunas. Instead, they look more like large, misshapen boxes with a hole for one's head. These modular portable steam saunas are extremely easy to set up and disassemble. However, if people want a portable that is more closely linked to traditional saunas, they can find them.

There are portable steam saunas that have the classic wooden frame and paneled door. They are generally smaller than permanent sauna structures, but there is still enough room for one person to sit comfortably inside. The steam heating system is also as potent as the ones in stationary saunas.

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