Powerline Communications

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Powerline communications techniques hold serious implications for broadband internet access, as well as home control and automation. By using standard power sockets available in every home and office, web-surfers need no special wiring or outside network to connect to the Internet. This innovative basis for telecommunications utilizes the large and extensive power grid already in place all over the world.

Home Automation through Powerline Communications

Powerline communications also make possible synchronization and control of diverse electronic devices. There are other means by which devices can communicate with a control pad, including an infrared port, radio frequency, and dedicated wires. But since most household appliances are wired for an AC outlet, powerline communications may seem the most obvious path to remote home management.

Using an internet connection as the primary user interface of a home automation system is now possible with powerline networking. Appliances are monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world via the Web. Occupants' safety can be continually monitored online by a security system or homeowner with the use of smart appliances capable of connecting to the Internet.

As the home automation industry expands, new technologies emerge to fulfill consumers demand for simply installed products to make daily life easier. Entry-level control systems are available to help homeowners increase basic security and convenience. With a little research on the Internet, consumers can decide which product or system is right for their particular needs.

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