Remote Controlled Electric Outlets

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Remote control of electrical outlets may seem a fairly straightforward concept, but there are endless opportunities for users to create unique scenarios. There are now plug-in receivers that, when coupled with a remote control device, can act as an appliance automation system. These modules can expand the utility of a standard AC outlet tremendously and enhance the convenience of any work or living space.

Possibilities for Remote Outlet Control

The home automation industry is currently growing at an exponential rate, and there are now various options for individual appliance control. X10 remains the most widely used, though its reliability is questionable and there are new alternatives available. Most options use either a radio frequency transmission or a powerline based communication protocol, or some combination of both.

Since consumers now demand automation components they can simply plug into the wall without the installation of structured wires, the market has responded with these models. Homeowners can do a bit of online research to find the best fit for their needs at the right cost. Systems can range from a few modified outlets to an entire home network that can be controlled via the Internet.

Simple remote controlled electrical outlets are a popular starting point for the home automation beginner. They offer the convenience of activating multiple lights and other appliances with one touch of a button. Most lamps can be upgraded to have dimming capability, providing the user with the freedom to choose exact lighting levels for different situations.

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