Roof Decking

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Roof decking consists of the beams in an attic that hold up a home's roof. This decking is also referred to as the "rafters" of the home. When adding insulation to an attic, one tends to add that insulation to the roof decking, as that decking is the element of the home that heats up the most during the warmer months. Additionally, that decking allows one to more effectively install double-sided radiant barriers.

Radiant Barriers and Roof Decking

Radiant barriers are often stapled to the underside of a roof decking in order to keep the heat as far from the inhabited areas of the home as possible. The easiest way to install a radiant barrier is to add it to the floor of an attic. However, this method is inferior to the more complex roof decking installation, in that it allows a greater portion of the home to reach high temperatures before stopping the progress of that heat.

Double-sided radiant barriers work best when affixed to roof decking, since the reflective side of a radiant barrier requires open air in order to work properly. Placing a double-sided radiant barrier directly against an attic floor only allows that barrier to be half as effective as it otherwise would be. Since one side of the barrier is flush with the floor, that side of the barrier is completely ineffective. However, when affixed to a roof deck, a double-sided radiant barrier has open space on both sides, allowing it to keep hot air out during the summer months and inside the home during the winter months.

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