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Rv Roof Repair Maintenance

Written by Stefan Slater
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Constant exposure to water and UV damage, as well as daily usage (or even damage due to overhead obstacles), can make the roof of your mobile home susceptible to general wear and tear. Despite the fact that most recreational vehicle roofs today are made from such high tech materials as EPDM rubber, TPO, or even fiberglass; if left unattended for extended periods of time, all of them will eventually leak, crack, pit, and so on. Therefore, by inspecting the roof of your mobile home at least a few times a year, you should be able to avoid any serious exposure damage and thus save yourself both time and money.

Step 1: RV Roof Inspection

RV repair can be made easier by a detailed inspection. When inspecting the roof of your recreational vehicle, pay close attention to areas that appear to be discolored, wrinkled, cracked, delaminated, or soft to the touch. Also, make sure to examine the seams of your motor home’s roof as well, as the materials used to make them water resistant can degrade over time.

Furthermore, anywhere on the roof where the motor home manufacturer had to drill holes may be susceptible to leaking. This means that items such as roof caps, air conditioning, antennas, ventilation, and so on need to be closely examined for general water damage. It is extremely important to catch these damages or leaks before they progress any further, because if they do, they can become extremely costly to repair (this is because if left unattended the damage can affect both the external and internal components of the motor home). In addition, a timely and careful inspection will also facilitate your RV repair, as the problem area will be effectively identified and thus easier to fix.

Step 2: RV Roof Repair

If you are going to repair the leak or general damage on your roof yourself, consult your RV dealer for sealants that are compatible with your RV roof’s composition. It should be noted that general RV repair can be complicated so, if you are unsure of your repairing abilities, it is strongly advised that you contact your local motor home dealer to repair the roof damage for you. However, if you are feeling brave, there are adhesive tapes that can be purchased, such as Eternabond, which provide a fast and easy means in which to quickly repair the roof of your recreational vehicle.

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